永利国际官网登录 永利国际官网登录 第六届中国国际女性影展 | 9.14-15 展映日程

第六届中国国际女性影展 | 9.14-15 展映日程

原标题:第六届中黄炎子孙民共和国国际女人影展 | 9.14-15 展映日程

QUEELacrosse FILM NIGHT 酷儿创建电影之夜 Friday 5 March 2008, 20.30 pm
Start the year of the tiger with a queer film blast! Queer Comrades goes
up close and personal with the hottest Asian queer directors in
“Gaylywood”, a documentary capturing the festive atmosphere of the 2009
Beijing Queer Film Festival.
Afterwards, we continue the Asian film fest with a screening of
“Soundless Wind Chime”, the international queer film revelation of last
year, followed by an extra special behind-the-scenes video. To maximize
your enjoyment, actor and Chinese celebrity Lü Yulai will be present for
a Q&A session.


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A Not-To-Miss evening of Queer Film Pleasure!!!
Entry: 50 RMB (includes 1 drink)

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 GAYLYWOOD Director: Xiaogang Wei, China 2009, 35 min Queer Comrades
Production They’re creators of beautiful love stories, they’re activists
advocating for diversity, they’re filmmakers of flesh, blood and balls.
In this documentary, Queer Comrades revisits the delicious films shown
at the Beijing Queer Film Festival and introduces you to the directors
responsible for all the on-screen beauty: stay tuned! 酷儿创造发行人:魏建刚,中华夏族民共和国,2010,35分钟 同志亦凡人摄像他们是一堆凄美爱情的创制者,他们是一批倡导多元的施行者,他们是一批绘声绘色有担当的电影和电视人。同志亦凡人记录了首届新加坡酷儿童电影制片厂展的全经过,不但访问到了来到场本次影展的出品人,还拿走了广大影片的分别精美花絮。
SOUNDLESS WIND CHIME Director: Kit Hung, Hong Kong / Switzerland 二零一零,
100 min 8 International Awards, including Best International Feature
(Vancouver Queer Film Festival卡塔尔 and 贝斯特 Director (Lesgaicinemad
Madrid卡塔尔国. “Soundless Wind Chime” is the poetic journey of Ricky (Lü
Yulai卡塔尔(قطر‎, searching for the lost soul and the past of his deceased Swiss
lover 帕斯Carl. The film shows a battle of love, lust, reality, memory and
illusions and the grief everybody bears every day. Ricky, a new Chinese
immigrant in Hong Kong, and Pascal, a 27 year old Swiss rebel escaped
from his traditional boundaries, meet in Hong Kong. After being abused
by his roommate, Pascal moves in with Ricky. Although Ricky makes it
easier for 帕斯Carl to immerse himself into local culture, life is never
easy for these rootless hearts. They are tortured by the dilemma of
whether their relationship is built on true love or only dependency on
each other and the fear of being lonely. Without even saying goodbye,
帕斯Carl passes away in an accident. Ricky carries his grief and sorrows
to 瑞士联邦, looking for hints of 帕斯Carl in a nameless village. When
he visits a beautiful thrift store, Ricky meets Ueli, a man that looks
identical to 帕斯Carl but has a totally different personality… 无声风铃
出品人:洪荣杰,香港(Hong Kong卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar) / Switzerland,二〇〇八,100分钟8个国际大奖,包含最好影片(加拿大德国首都国际同志电影节)和极品编剧(西班牙王国孟买国际同志电影节)
在香港(Hong Kong卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar),帕斯卡(帕斯Carl)和永健(Ricky)是兩個年輕的異鄉人。帕斯卡離開瑞士联邦靠著做街頭藝人和扒窃維持生活,而來自法国巴黎的永健在一家小餐館裡打工。真命天子的一天裡他們的生命軌跡終於交接,相互深深愛上對方,隨即決定開始一齐生活。溫柔的永健被變幻無常的帕斯卡必要太多,導致段心情考驗。他們的情义驟然結束的连年随后,永健隻身前往Switzerland盧Scion去追尋曾經的愛人。在此相近,他遇上了有著和帕斯卡豆蔻年华樣面容的年輕人。正如風鈴破碎的节拍,這段詩意的愛情好玩的事的机密在簡短的插敘中,稳步揭露。瑞士联邦崎嶇山路甚至鄉村飯店的古老朴素印象,不僅表現出支柱永健失去愛人的孤獨與苦痛,更是和這對愛侶在香江充滿生機與色彩繽紛的生存產生鮮明對比。
Watch Queer Films on a big screen! Every first and third Friday of the
month, Queer Comrades (
www.queercomrades.com) and CNEX Salon
Cafe treat you to a queer program of films. Delving into the fabulous
depths of LGBT imagery, we serve up Chinese and foreign fiction films,
complemented by Queer Comrades documentaries.
各种月的率先和第八个礼拜三,“同志亦凡人” (
www.queercomrades.com卡塔尔(英语:State of Qatar)与“CNEX


开幕片 Opening Film


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CNEX Salon Cafe’
Address : 1F, East No.1 warehouse, No.3 Guangqudonglu, Image Base,
Chaoyang district.
Taxi Direction : Guangqu rd. pass East 4th ring rd. DaJiaoTing bridge,
keep going east and pass 2 traffic lights, see on the left side “Image
Base” (with red lights) then make a U-Turn.
Drive into Image Base go straight, turn left to the end when meet the
first road. There is a 3 floors warehouse, we are on the first floor.
Closest subway stations : Shuangjing or Sihui. From Shuangjing you have
to take a taxi go straight east. From Sihui you need to go south and
turn east under the Dajiaoting bridge.
Info number : 10-87215576 北北库 文创咖啡厅

1 Slumdog Millionaire

a 2008 British film about an 18-year-old boy who’s wins the jackpot on
the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a millionaire?- a TV game show
with the maximum cash prize being one million pounds. The boy is
suddenly arrested because he is thought to be cheating and is forced to
tell the story of his past.


图片 4


2 The Proposal

an American romantic comedy film. in the film, Margaret, a Canadian
immigrant, is an executive editor-in-chief of a publishing company. To
solve her visa problem, she forces her assistant Andrew to act as her
husband temporarily. while they spend the weekend with Andrew’s parents
in order to make them believe they are a couple, they start to fall in


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Anchor and Hope

3 The Graduate

1 1967 American comedy film the film tells the story of Benjamin
Braddock, a recent university graduate with no well-defined aim in life.
the Graduate was selected for preservation in the US National Film
registry as being culturally, historically, or aesthetically


图片 6

Carlos Marques-Marcet

4 Australia

a historical romance movie released in 2008. IN the movie, Nicole Kidman
plays an English aristocrat who inherits a huge ranch in Australia, and
Hugh Jackman plays the cattle driver who helps protect there property.
As they try to derive their cattle across the country, they witness the
bombing of Darwin by Japanese forces.


图片 7

西班牙 Spain |2017 | 113’ | 故事片
Narrative Film

5 the Terminator

an American science fiction action movie first made in 1984. Arnold
Schwarzenegger, formerly known as a bodybuilder and later served two
terms as the Governor of California, plays the Terminator, a robot sent
back in time to kill Sarah Connor, a young woman whose life will have a
great significance in years to come. Kyle Reese, a soldier from the
future, is sent back in time to protect Sarah.


图片 8

意大利共和国语、意大利语发音 土耳其语字幕

6 Sweeney Todd

a horror musical film released in 2007. The film tells the tale of
Sweeney Todd, an English barber and serial killer who murders his
customers. it tars Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd and Helena Bonham Carter
as Mrs. Lovett, his partner in crime. 

English and Spanish with Chinese and
English Subtitles



图片 9


7 John Wayne

an American film actor, director and producer, and an Academy Award
winner. Wayne enjoyed the top box-office popularity for three decades,
and was named the all-time top money-making star. He has become a
typical example of masculinity and is famous for his manners, including
his distinctive calm voice, walk, and height. Wayne was nominated for
three Academy Awards and won one of them.



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China Premiere

8 Johnny Depp

an American actor, film producer and musician. He has been nominated for
top awards many times, winning the Best Actor Awards from the Golden
Globes for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and from the
Screen Actors Guild for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black


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(9/14 14:00 开幕典礼非公映Invitation Only)

9 Daniel Craig

An English actor who archived international fame when chosen as the
sixth actor to play the role of James Bond


图片 12


10 Angelina Jolie

an American actress. She has received an Academy Award, two Screen
Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards. Jolie is also known
for her work with refugees as former Goodwill Ambassador of the United
Nations and has received wide recognition for her humanitarian work.


图片 13

Eva, Kat’s and Roger have been friends
since their student years back in Barcelona. Now separated, they all
look back with nostalgia at the little family they created. Eva and
Kat’s humble but carefree existence on their boat on London’s Regent’s
Canal gets turned on its head when Eva presents her lover with an
ultimatum: 38-year old Eva wants to have a child.

11 Brad Pitt

an American actor. He has been described as one of the world’s most
attractive men, a label for which he has received substantial media
attention. His greatest commercial successes have been Troy, Mr & mrs.
Smith(2005) and World War Z (2013)


图片 14

奖项 Awards:

12 Sean Connery

a Scottish actor who has won an Academy Award and two BAFTA (British
Academy of Film and Television Arts) Awards. He is best-known for
playing James Bond in seven Bond films.


图片 15


13 Will Smith

an American actor, producer and rapper. he has enjoyed success in
television, film and music. He is famous for acting in the film The
Pursuit of Happyness as a bright and talented salesman who struggles
with homelessness and finally achieves success. Note the unusual
spelling of the film’s title comes from graffiti one a wall the Chris
Gardner (Will Smith ) sees near the beginning of the film. 


图片 16


14 Judi Dench

an English film, stage and television actress. She has played as M,
James Bond’s boss, in several James Bond films Dench has received many
award nomination s for her acting. 


图片 17


15 Scarlett Johansson

an American actress, model and signer. She was nominated for the Film
Independent Spirit Award for Best Actress for her performance in Manny &
Lo and she also won a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. 

Best Non-Catalan Language Film, Gaudí
Awards (2018)



图片 18

Best Spanish Film, Sant Jordi Awards

16 The isle of Wight

a small island off the south coast of England. The island has a maritime
and industrial tradition such as boatbuilding, sail making and the
testing and development of Britain’s space rockets. It has many
traditional tourist attractions, and because of its attractive scenery,
many annual festivals such as Festival the Isle of Wight Festival and
the Isle of Wight International Jazz Festival are held there. 

图片 19

Best Film (Asecan Award), Seville
European Film Festival (2017)

17 Bestival

a music festival held yearly in late summer since 2004, in a small
country park called Robin Hill on the Isle of Wight England. Since then
attendance of the festival has been increasing. Besides music ,the
festival is also heavily involved in supporting social, political and
environmental causes. For example, Festival has been aiming to reduce
green house gas emissions. 

图片 20


Ada for Mayor

Pau Faus

西班牙 Spain | 2016 | 88′ | 纪录片
Documentary Film


Catalan and Spanish with Chinese and
English Subtitles


China Premiere

· 9/14 19:00 @ 塞万提斯高校 Instituto


Ada for Mayor (Alcaldessa)follows the footsteps of Ada Colau during one
year, from the beginning of the candidacy of Barcelona in comú until the
day that she is appointed mayoress of the Catalan capital. The intimate
chronicle of the events – including Colau’s personal video diary – and
the privileged access to the bowels of the formation show us an
extraordinary event that unites two universal topics: the story of a
historic victory, a paradigm of the political changes taking place in
southern Europe, and the inner struggle of someone who is becoming the
very thing she had so often put into question.


Best Documentary Film Director, 19
Festival de Cine de Málaga

Best Documentary of the Year, IX Catalan
Film Academy Gaudí Awards

Civil Doc Award, CinéDoc-Tbilisi
International Documentary Film Festival

图片 21

国内竞赛单元展览放映 Chinese Compition

9/15 14:30-16:30 @ 交差了一点艺术文化空间
Crossroads Centre


Records of the poplars’ firing

杜楚宁 Sally

境内竞技单元 I 纪录片 I 72分钟中匈牙利语字幕

Chinese Competition I Documentary I 72’ I
Chinese with Chinese and English subtitles


The film focuses on a group of the most
common young longxian female artillery men who have different youth
experiences from the post-90s generation. They are all in the flower
season of 16-18 years old. They are confused, yearning, searching and
longing. They lack a sense of belonging, and as women they lose their
right to accept education too early to get married. Gao fangjuan, the
protagonist of the film, showed the unique reality and stubbornness in
my shot. She lived in deep contradiction, and the courage of soldiers
flowed in her blood. Every time in the task of preventing hail, she
fulfilled the duty of monitor to prevent hail and win battles. She was a
shy girl in her life. She wanted to leave her home and go out into the
world. But Gao Fangjuan have to work to stand at the end of the shot
point (for home to fetch a good price) of flue-cured tobacco by
long-term follow-up to make the film characters blood rain forest show
in front of an audience, let the audience know that there is the
existence of such a group of lovely girl. At the end of the film, gao
fangjuan thought that she could go to work in the city if she left the


图片 22


Life in the Field

丁千贺 Ding Qianhe

纪录片 I 50分钟 I 中Romania语字幕

Documentary I 50’ I Chinese with Chinese and English Subtitles








Every morning, the lights of a cottage in a rural field will light up
before the sun rises …

The heroine of the documentary ” Life in the Field”- LiPing Wang, as if
a tireless person, she kept doing all kinds of farm work from morning to
night, hope that their production of pollution-free crops and natural
fodder-feeding sheep, can sell a good price, can be for the university’s
daughter successfully completed school.

Facing the pressure of survival and extraordinary physical exertion,
LiPing Wang’s husband-an honest middle-aged farmer, has shaken and
complained about the idea of a green farming concept that pays less than
the desired return on high costs …

Did not go to the University of LiPing Wang, after work she often will
hope and sadness into a song flowing in the Depths of the heart of a
small poem, in order to comfort themselves because of the exhaustion of
the soul, but also to culture nourish the little daughter’s heart …

Hostess poems and feelings of the stick and tears, male host trapped and
confused anxiety and collision, will make this in the plight of the home
to find a way out?

In the autumn, the party’s 19 Congress held, Xi’s government report on
the “Revitalization of the rural economy” “to win the fight against
poverty,” the spirit of the family lit up hope …

The whole film tightly buckle the pulse of the Times, the entire use of
the record of no commentary film parallel editing mode, through
record-type tracking photography and artistic presentation, in the true
reflection of a common peasant family status, at the same time, fondly
eulogize ordinary Chinese farmers by Labor to build a better life
feelings and adhere to the conscience of is a new era of Chinese farmers
in the not rich living environment to uphold the moral bottom line of
the conscience of the hymn!

图片 23


Transit Havana

Daniel Abma

德意志和荷兰王国德文y and Netherlands | 2017 | 86’ | 纪录片Documentary Film

立陶宛共和国语、藏语、马耳他语发音 中克罗地亚语字幕

Spanish, Dutch and English with Chinese and English Subtitles


China Premiere

9/15 19:00 @ 野有趣 The Great Outdoor


Changing gender on a ration card seems like a weird joke – but not in
Cuba. Since 2008, it has been possible to undergo a sex change operation
on the island, but as in the case of many other things in Cuba, there is
a waiting list. Once a year for several days, doctors from Netherlands
and Belgium come to Havana to perform gender reassignment operations on
five people. Will the medical commission finally accommodate transgender
activist Malú this year? Will Odette succeed in defending her decision
before her religious community? And will gender reassignment surgery
bring Juani luck in love? Also playing an important role in this
documentary portrait by Dutch filmmaker Daniel Abma is Mariela Castro,
who has long campaigned for the rights of LGBT Cubans.

奖项 Awards:




Jury Prize for Best Documentary Film, Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film
Festival (2016)

Audience Choice Award, Image + Nation Festival Cinema LGBT Montreal Film
Festival (2016)

Jury Prize for Best Documentary, Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam LGBT Film
Festival (2016)


Forum:Director,-Writer and Lesbian

9/15 19:00-10:30 @ 交差那么一点艺术文化空间
Crossroads Centre

嘉宾 Speaker:

图片 24

Carlos Macet-Marques(希望之锚出品人 Anchor and Hope Director )

图片 25

Jules Nurrish (希望之锚导演 Anchor and 霍普 Writer )

图片 26


图片 27

图片 28回来乐乎,查看越来越多




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